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Sh'Zen - A beautiful you, naturally picture

Inspired by nature

Sh’Zen believes that nature has the answer to all our beauty needs. We recognise the healing and regenerative potential inherent in…

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How do I buy Sh'Zen products? picture

How do I buy Sh'Zen products?

By Editorial Team

If you're new to online shopping , then this blog post is for you!

  1. Click on the ADD TO CART button for all items you wish to purchase.
  2. Got everything y…
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Sh'zen - Natural Essence range guide picture

The beauty of Natural Essence™ 

Specially formulated for oily and combination skins, the Sh’Zen with Natural Essence™ range blends five restorati…

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How to get more beautiful skin - common questions about caring for problem skin with Sh'Zen picture

What causes problem skin? 

Oily and combination (oily in patches) skin occurs when the sebaceous glands produce an excess of sebum, usually as a …

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