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SHZEN Rose Quartz Facial Roller

SHZEN Rose Quartz Facial Roller

R 559

Handcrafted from natural rose quartz crystals, the Sh’Zen Rose Quartz Facial Roller is an incredible tool for inner and outer beauty. Facial rolling has been a beauty ritual since ancient times. Relaxing and destressing, it supports lymphatic drainage, the body’s main detoxification system. It also boosts collagen and improves skin elasticity, reduces puffiness and smooths wrinkles, and promotes the better absorption of beauty products into the skin. The result is firmer, smoother skin with a healthy, radiant glow.

Apply your favourite Sh’Zen serum, oil, moisturiser or mask to freshly cleansed skin, then massage your face and neck with the roller for 3-5 minutes, morning and evening.
Starting at your chin, use the large roller to work from the centre of your face outwards and upwards across your cheeks. Repeat each stroke at least three times.
Always roll upwards and outwards, never back and forth. Use the large roller on your neck as well. Again, starting from the centre of your neck, roll upwards and outwards.
Use the small roller to massage your eyelids and under-eye area, and to roll strips from the corner of your eyes to your ears. You can also use this small roller for targeted rolling on your forehead, nose, lips and chin.

TOP TIP: If you like, you can warm the crystals with your hands before use. Or, you can pop the Facial Roller into the fridge for a few minutes to cool the crystals – used cold they re-invigorate a tired face.

Refreshes blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin.

Stimulates lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins.

Boosts collagen and improves skin elasticity.

Reduces puffiness and smooths wrinkles.

Releases stiffness and tension in the neck and facial muscles.

Promotes the better absorption of beauty products into the skin.

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