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SHZEN 10 Day Detox and Gut Repair

SHZEN 10 Day Detox and Gut Repair

R 329

This supplement (30 vegicaps) is formulated to cleanse the gut and strengthen the liver. This helps these organs to work more efficiently, which in turn aids weight loss, supports the immune system, boosts your energy and helps you look and feel younger.



  • Bentonite clay helps to remove toxins
  • Phsyllium husk promotes regular elimination and normalise bowel movements.
  • Apple pectin and helps to gather up and eliminate toxins
  • Aloe vera and Slippery Elm, heal and soothe the gut lining to relieve discomfort.


Take 3 vegicaps daily with a large glass of water for ten days. CAUTION: Do not take if pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from a serious health condition – or with any chronic medication. Always consult with your health practitioner first. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.



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