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SHZEN Tuberose Eau De Parfum

SHZEN Tuberose Eau De Parfum

R 599

A captivating, mesmerising, and unforgettable fragrance inspired by a magical garden filled with intoxicating white flowers of the magnificent tuberose.

Tuberose, originally from India, has a sweet, exotic, complex, and velvety floral opulence and is considered an effective aphrodisiac.

Angelica has therapeutic, restorative properties. Its aroma is woody and is relaxing for the mind.

Amber has a warm, powdery, sweet scent and is beneficial for relaxation and stress relief.

Pulse points are the areas of your body which allow for the most even distribution of scent since your skin there is warmer. For women these points are behind the ear, wrists and at the base of the throat.

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