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SHZEN Key Lime Bath Crystals

SHZEN Key Lime Bath Crystals

R 369

Key Lime citrus essential oils create a sparkling and refreshing aroma filled with sunshine and warmth.

Relax in the natural calm and ease of a Key Lime bath to clear, settle and energise both the body and the mind. Inhale the zesty aroma, and let your cares simply float away.


Lemon – Helps to improve circulation and is a natural antiseptic. It’s also a great cleanser, especially on greasy skin, and helps clear dead skin away.

Lime – Has a natural sedative effect and eases tension headaches.

Mandarin – Has great calming and stress-relieving properties. It also helps to increase circulation and reduce water retention.

Neroli – Is known to reduce stress, promote relaxation and ease anxiety.

Petitgrain – Is known to help fight nervous exhaustion.

Lemongrass – An aromatic herb thats helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.


Pour 5–10ml under warm, running water to create a fragrant bath. Lie back and relax.

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