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SHZEN Key Lime Hand And Body Wash

SHZEN Key Lime Hand And Body Wash

R 269

A beautifully fragranced hand and body cleansing gel with the limonene-rich Key Lime essential oils.

Lime, Lemon, Neroli, Mandarin and Petitgrain create a zesty, clarifying and mood lifting fragrance and the oils are well known for their natural and antibacterial properties.


Lemon – Is a natural antiseptic. It’s also a great cleanser, especially on greasy skin, and helps clear dead skin away.

Lime – Is a great skin tonic and helps to remove blemishes such as age spots.

Mandarin – Has great calming and stress-relieving properties.

Neroli – A fragrant oil that stimulates cell growth to regenerate tissue, so is a wonderful anti-ageing tool that helps to prevent scarring.

Petitgrain – Works to tone the skin.

Lemongrass – A great overall body tonic, the oil from this aromatic herb helps improve circulation and works to tone both skin and muscle.

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